Teach Abroad with Treaty Recruitment

Treaty Recruitment is looking for qualified teachers to fill the various international teaching positions that are currently open in the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America.

The thousands of international schools in the above regions are fully aware of the value of teachers from the western world. This makes for an increasing number of opportunities to teach abroad for both newly qualified and experienced teachers.

There are opportunities for primary teachers, secondary teachers and T.E.F.L teachers.

Many international schools fund the cost of flights, accommodation, paid holidays and pay a very generous salary package that makes the opportunity to work in these regions very appealing indeed. Salaries for those working in Gulf State’s is tax free.

Our job is to find you a job. We will support you as much as we can and we are certain we will provide you with an outstanding service.

If you are interested in either beginning or, furthering your teaching career abroad, please click submit cv at the bottom of the page and fill in your details.

Treaty Recruitment will do the rest.

Latest Jobs

  • Secondary school teaching opportunities in UAE (3/9/2016) - Treaty Recruitment are currently in discussions with schools in China, UAE and Thailand. These schools will soon be ready to recruit for September. Submit your details and when the jobs are posted you will be first to know. Submit CV, fill in your details and we will do the rest.
  • Teaching Positions now available in Dubai (3/9/2016) - Treaty Recruitment Ltd recruit for leading international and private schools in The Gulf and The Far East. Please enquire today or submit your CV. Teaching positions consist of: Excellent salary. (Tax free in the Middle East) Free modern accommodation. Annual return flights between place of work and country of origin. Paid holidays. Very generous gratuity […]